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22 May 2013

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Windows Task Manager is a decent application built-in Windows OS which makes the complete management of task well. However is lacks massive amount of capabilities and this force us to look for solutions that meet the requirement from outside. One such software solution is name as AnVir Task Manager Pro 7.5. Using this software tool you can control every damn thing that is running in your computer system like a piece of cake. When you will give a glance on this app you will be stunned to see the total number of features and facilities it offers. We are sure that once you start using it you will not want to use Windows Task Manager.

Let us take you to a tour what AnVir Task Manager Pro 7.5 can do for you. From start-up programs to various services and software applications which runs in your PC are monitored by it and gives a clear picture out. It is blessed with a database that can store information of more than seventy-thousand start-up program, toolbars and added services. The application can also process drivers along with threads and internet connection. AnVir Task Manager Pro 7.5 also offers a clear display of constantly changing CPU performance, disk, memory, network connection and battery charge that is left (these 5 elements are also displayed via charts). Interestingly the utility acts as a security service also enabling you to clean up your system from Trojan, virus, malware, spyware etc. The application is so simple to use that it can brilliantly help in modifying, monitoring, removing or deleting unwanted apps etc. can be obtained by few clicks.

Hence monitoring and modifying the apps in the system becomes really simple with AnVir Task Manager Pro 7.5, it can too further enhance the performance of your system by optimizing the disk and memory allocation. We rate this utility with 3 on 5 on account of its optimum performance.

Publisher's description

Tool that controls everything running on computer and provides Windows enhancements that help in every-day work
Monitor your system and replace Windows Task Manager
• Full information about processes, internet connections, threads, drivers
• Information about startup programs and services. Integrated database with Descriptions for 70 000+ startup programs, Internet Explorer toolbars and services
• Icons in the system tray that indicate: CPU, disk, network, memory and Laptop battery
Get rid of viruses, trojans, spyware and malware that your antivirus missed
• Security risk rating for each active process, service and startup program.
• Get notification when any program tries to add itself to startup
Enhance and tune up XP or Vista
• Tweaker that gives direct access to hundreds of XP / Vista settings
• Click on the title of any application to:
o minimize window to system tray
o make window semi-transparent
o pin window 'always on top'
• List of recently used folders in Open / Save dialogs
• Drive's free space as a colored horizontal bar in Windows 'My Computer'
Speed up your PC and Windows startup
• Disable or delete startup programs that you don't need
• "Delayed Startup" lets you set up any startup program to run few minutes later after Windows startup.
• Run startup programs minimized to system tray, or as a floating icon, or as a services on Windows startup
• Balance CPU usage, optimize memory, save process priority
Looking for a crack, patch, serial number, registration code or key generator (keygen) is illegal.
AnVir Task Manager Pro
AnVir Task Manager Pro
Version 7.5
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